Cycle Party, the name itself reflects the excitement and fun hidden behind it. The concept will give more waves than the expected as this is for the first time such concept is being launched in India into the heart of country - Goa, a fun filled and thrilling city that has always servered the friendly and youthful environment for tourists.

Cycle Party is the concept of having a joyful ride on a 10 seater quadricycle, 100% pedal powered. Festive People can enjoy their party time on a bike cruising the streets of Goa and having a delightful time. We also have electric options of the bike. The mechanism is so developed that even a single person can drive this bike very easily. Riders do have to pedal to keep the party going, but don’t worry, a company driver is always in control of the steering and the brakes, and a party girl or bar tender to entertain you on bike.

This is such a great concept and an opportunity to get connected in social way and see the town or get out with your friends. With a seating configuration similar to that of a dinner table cycle party is the most fun and sociable way to cycle, chat and hang out with friends or people you have just met. The openness of the cycle party delivers lively sound and keeps the on-lookers passing by in a complete awe as the cycle party cruises by with the party in full swing. You will always get a warm and positive reaction from the public.